About Judith


Judith Kelly has gained experience working and training dogs from sled dog racing, obedience, and herding for over 40 years. She has been competing in herding for over 25 years and has bred a line of dogs that descend from the best herding dogs of the International Sheep Dog Society “Key Dog” stud books such as T Mc Knights Gael, the most winning dog in ISDS history. 

We were approached by Pastor Mark Ostrander to host the kids from the Mission Church to come visit as part of their Vocational Bible School. About 45 kids descended on the farm and they and we had a wonderful time. Judith and Dustin performed a duck demo, which included putting the ducks down a slide and into a water splash. 


Her Border Collies’ lineage feature dogs that show up many times on the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) wining roll of honor. Judith and her dogs have been printed in books, starred on TV and Radio, and have been featured on the Disney Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet. Quite often Border Collie magazines and Calendars feature photographs of her dogs.